The game is a 2D Rogue-like where the goal is to collect as much treasure as possible on every floor. The levels are procedurally generated and contain enemies that the player must fight off in order to have them drop items. At the end of a floor, the player drops down into a shop where they can sell all their items collected in order to upgrade their stats. The game features mechanics like: a weighted inventory system that allows the player to hold up to a certain amount of weight of items, combat system that lets the player attack in 8 different directions, and a difficulty system that makes enemies deal more damage, have more health, and spawn more often as the player progresses throughout sequential floors.


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I would've liked playing it more, but I couldn't due to  frustrating problems, like the sword response delay being random in the presence of enemies,  the X to quit the run being in the upper right corner of the shop window making me quit my runs with no confirmation pop-up after I finished augmenting my stats, using potions in the shop while simply trying to view the description.

Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback. I was in a rush to make this game since it was for a game jam. It was also my first project using Unity. My future games will be more user friendly and less buggy.

np hope you got good learning experience from it! I'll stay tuned to your future projects.